Move Monday Series: Fitness Series

I’ve always worked harder at pursing my fitness goals when I had a social challenge or some of external accountability going, which is why I jumped on board the Sleekgeek #MoveMore challenge. It’s a simple way of getting us to move daily. Easy right? That’s what I thought but I soon found myself having to catch up on these “simple” exercises. I mean who doesn’t love a good burpee. *sarcasm at it’s best*

Monday 01/08/2016- This was easy I truly love star jumps and can do them all day. We were required to do 30, which I did in 3 minutes. I came to 4855 minutes in total

I couldn't meet day 2 challenge so I did it again yesterday #movemore #witnessthefitness #10950minutesofexercise

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Black Excellence at RIO 2016

I’ve been watching the Olympics my whole life probably since Seoul1988 (I was 3) but  Sydney 2000 has stuck with me with Cathy Freeman making history by being the first Aborigine to win gold in 400 metres in her home country.  This being Women’s month I would love to celebrate the Women breaking down the sporting barriers. 

I’ve watched #RIO2016 with same excitement as always and seen once again significant history been made. I yelled at the screen, celebrated when my own country Zimbabwe ‘s Mighty Warriors scored their first ever goal at the Olympics against Germany. This was the first time any Zimbabwean soccer team had made to the Olympics (men or women).


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Delightful Peep of the Month: Aug’16

Meet Janelle Johnson from Run With No Regrets she lives in Philadelphia, in the US and she is very passionate about running. I love her blog and just had to pick her brain about her life and how she does it. Read this interview see why Janelle is such an inspiration to me. She inspired my Move Monday Series. (She doesn’t know this)


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101 Goal update

This post is a little late but I realised I haven’t been actioning my goals as quickly as I would like. 

Goals completed 

22. Save money consistently – This is now a monthly practise and I have debit orders set up for everything I need to save.

50. Master a handstand away from a wall-  I seem to have many photos of me doing hand stands. 

PicMonkey Collage

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