Product review: GUM soft picks

Did you know that September is  National Oral Health Month?  I was excited when Ivo Health sent me a complimentary pack of 30 soft picks to review.They are the first and only curved interdental brush that mimic the natural shape of the jaw. I have sensitive teeth and gums and hardly use regular tooth picks so I was a little nervous about testing the soft  picks, but sometimes a toothbrush doesn’t reach tough remaining food.

It's National Oral Health month and I'm reviewing these #GUMSoftPicks

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Move Monday: Fitness Series

I’m finally getting better at staying consistent with my workouts., just not at posting this post on time. Working out from home is always challenge but these past two weeks I tried to stay focused as I had my first 10 km race to kinda prepare for.

Tuesday 13 September, 2016 I missed my Monday walk so I did it on Tuesday. I know “they” say never miss a Monday, technically Sunday is the first day of the week. My pace is still very slow I walked 3, 7 km in 40 minutes. This brought me to 5812 minutes in total.

40 minute #walk #movemore #mediclinic30mins30days #10950minutesofexercise

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Race Review: Joburg 10k City Run

On Saturday the 24th Heritage Day I did my first ever 10 km run. Here’s my thoughts on the race.

Race pack collection
This was a few days before the race and was so chaotic that my T-shirt was actually a men’s small size. I swapped with my sister’s women’s small shirt but still it was big. This was rather disappointing I had ordered an extra small but I didn’t let it deter me from running my first ever 10 km run, considering I’ve never run more than 5 km.


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Move More Monday: Fitness Series

I haven’t been feeling too well the last few weeks and on days that I felt up to it I worked out. I really need give my body a chance to heal.

Friday 02/09/2016 I had a fitness photo shoot and while I was there I spent about 20 minutes showing the ladies a few exercises like burpees, squats etc. This brought me to 5653 minutes in total.

Monday 5/09/2016

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Giveaway: Ultimate You challenge by SleekGeek

*Competition for readers living in South Africa only*

I’ve been following SleekGeek for a while now and recently participated in their #movemore challenge and when Eric  approached me with a free entry to the Ultimate You 8 Week Body Transformation Challenge I jumped on to the opportunity to participate. Eric being so generous has offered an extra free entry to the Ultimate You challenge for one of you my readers. This is my first giveaway and I’m really excited about being able to help one of my readers to achieve their ultimate health.


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